Sunday, September 27, 2009


Received a new photo of Prisca in the mail this past week. I was not expecting one as it seems like just yesterday I got a new one.

She looks great! She writes to me about once a month and her drawing has really come along. She is still not writing the letters but has someone write them for her. She is so expressive in her letters, often talking about her gratefulness that we are sponsoring her and how she wants to meet someday.

Her clothes have changed since we first started sponsoring her. In her initial photo , she had plain clothes on, but in the last two pictures they have been more colorful and cleaner. I know they provide clothing for her as a Christmas gift from us.

She has moved up in her class in her academics which makes me happy. She is just starting to talk about her lifelong goals.

If you have not considered it, please think about sponsoring a child. You will never regret it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hall of Fame Weekend

It was a nice weekend up at Whistler! The highlight was, of course, the induction into the Hall of Fame for my Mum, who had dedicated herself to the sport of swimming for 31 years. Her speech was great! I am very proud of your accomplishment Mum!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


An almost 7 year quest has come to a very happy end in our household this week. I have kept it a closely guarded secret for the last few weeks and only told 2 people before it was official.

Last night we had some good friends over for dinner. Some of you who read this will know them, our next door neighbors Paige and Mario and little Noah. I made a special dinner, all Japanese food because it was a special night and they appreciate good Japanese food. I even had a glass of wine :)

Half way through dinner, Dama and I asked Mario if he would be Lucas' Godfather. He proudly accepted.

I have known Mario for 3 years now and have come to know him best in the past year or so. I have watched as he took a special interest in Lucas. Always listening to his stories, letting him "help" in the garden even when he wasn't really "helping", talking to Lucas about issues that have come up (fighting with his sister etc), and just plain playing with him in the cul de sac. I have always felt like Mario had a soft spot for Lucas and Lucas has made it very clear about his love for Mario.

Plus it helps to have Godfather who is a Harley dude.

It just feels really good....7 years of looking for someone that I knew would care for Lucas and it's finally official.

After they left, I gave Dama and big hug and told him how glad I was and how now we are stuck with Mario for life ;P Had to get a swipe in there!
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