Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mommy Files

Do you ever have the moments where you realize your kids really need "the smackdown"?

Over the past while, it has become clear that mine do. Especially my boy child.

So last night, after a stressful day, we had a family meeting. The 4 of us sat down and Daddy and I began said "smackdown".

I know right now when my Mum reads this, she is thinking "Oh, don't be so hard on those kids!!!!!". But then a part of me knows she has seen the behavior I am talking about, so she'll get over it :)

What are those behaviors?
  1. Being sassy
  2. Yelling at each other
  3. Not picking up after themselves
  4. Being negative & excessive complaining

Daddy and I came up with a yellow and red card system. Kind of like in soccer. Certain offenses get a yellow card, others are automatic red. 3 yellows makes a red. If you receive a red, there is no board game at night (or tv before bed). We play a game every night except Thursdays and Fridays and the kids love this so it is great currency.

Automatic red cards are: yelling, any physical things like hitting, big crying/whining meltdowns.
Yellow cards include: sassy comments, sassy actions (sighing, rolling eyes, folding arms, stomping feet), negative comments/complaints.

Any toys left not put away at bedtime after a clean up reminder are put away for one week.

Smackdown started this morning. As of right now, Lucas has 1 yellow card ("Why do you always BOSS ME AROUND?????") and Ellie is clear.

I will let you know how it goes.
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