Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soccer 2010

It has been a really busy and fun 8 weeks in our house! Both kids
started soccer this year and I had no idea how much we all would love

We have been putting it off for a year because we were not
ready to "give up our weekends". Little did we know how much it would
enhance our weekends! Both kids had terrific teams and it was amazing to
see how putting them into a team environment really fostered their

I was assistant coaching Ellie's team and that was a
lot of fun. It truly can be a lot of work at times too. There is a lot
of organizing behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. Ellie's
team ended their season yesterday with 7 wins and one loss. These girls
were such a fun group. Lucas has one more game and I believe they will
probably be close to a split season (half wins and half losses). Lucas
really excelled from the get go and Ellie came into her own over the
season. She turned into a fierce defender! Her self confidence on the field blossomed.
Lucas was a goal scoring guy. I saw his loyalty to his team come shining through.

Here are some photos of the season:

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