Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life List

Apparently this is the new thing to do. Make a list of things to do...not just for the day or for the week but for your lifetime. Things you would like to learn, places to go, things you would love to experience. The philosophy is that once you get it down and share it with others, you will start actually doing those things. By showing it to other people, it will inspire them to help you accomplish your list items and to make their own lists. we go! I know I won't make it to 100 today but I will add as they come to me.

1) Get a Master's degree (probably in Social Work)
2) Own a dog
3) Learn to play the harmonica really well
4) Travel to Italy
5) Take a photography class
6) Set up a table at a craft fair
7) Have my own business
8) Create my own website on my own domain
9) Be a Big Sister
10) Get published in a scrapbooking magazine
11) Travel to China
12) Take a pottery class
13) Have a psychic reading done by John Edwards
14) Eat a piece of fruit every day for the rest of my life
15) Build a composite backyard deck of my dreams (well, HAVE it built, not build it myself!)
16) Plant a vegetable garden
17) Learn operate a sewing machine and then to sew clothing
18) Run a marathon (did I really just type that??)
19) Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
20) Go on a cruise
21) Volunteer at a soup kitchen
22) Go away with 4 best friends for an entire week
23) Recycle everything I possibly can
24) Re-finish an old chest of drawers
25) Keep my recipe book up to date so I can pass it on to Ellie one day
26) Take a hip hop dance class with Lucas
27) Be an advocate for people in need
28) Make sure my friends and family know how much I love and appreciate them
29) Take my Mum on a trip, just her and I, to the place of her choice
30) Drive across the USA
31) Have a consistent family game night every week
32) Take a yoga class
33) Take an anger management class
34) Go to Iceland
35) Sponsor a child in a foreign country
36) Do the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk
37) Have a flower garden that I can make beautiful bouquets from (dahlias, small sunflowers, daisies)
38) Learn how to use Photoshop
39) Make a quilt
40) Get a tattoo with a friend
41) Go to an event/evening where I have to wear a ball gown
42) Make sure I never tell people I love that I didn't call or keep in touch because "I have been Sooooooo busy".
43) To get to know my brother better
44) Have a "summer home" or cabin
45) Go to the Oprah Show
46) Take graphic art/design classes

To be continued....



An inspiring list to be sure!!
Can you start with #6 (I'll help & I'll do hats and snow people---
...then... #29 and #45??
You will likely make all 46!!!


I love your list! Skip John Edward - he's a fake. I can hook you up with someone who is not. I'll be one of the girlfriends to go on a trip with you. :) You certainly are inspiring!!

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