Friday, November 16, 2007


We are on our way!

Lucas asked me yesterday if the plane was going to fly like the ones on Star Wars. I thought it was so funny! But it got me thinking, and I often think like this before I go on a plane...maybe I need to write a will.

So here it is:

My furniture: goes to my brother so that he can fill his place with comfy stuff, and so he can give the red chair to my Mum since she loves it so much.

My jewelry: to Tia, since I know she would wear all my funky stuff.

My scrapbook kits: To Vic, since I know she would use them with her newfound scrap-ability.

My jewelry making supplies, website and business: To Lynette, because I know she can make them (even though she tries to pay me to do them) and because her husband loves the pendants so much.

The rest, you all can fight over.

I love you! Sayonara!



I'm sure we would all enjoy your things, but you know we couldn't enjoy them without you here! So we'll see you when you get back. Have fun and say hi to Mickey for us. :)


Ooh! Can I trade the red chair for the kids, maybe Cooper too and definitely the instant hot water tap!
Have fun and a safe trip!
Love, Mum

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