Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am 29 today! No, really I am! Really!

Ok, so I am 36. But I feel even more blessed today than I have on any other birthday.

First of all, I got a ton of messages on Facebook from old friends wishing me a Happy Birthday. This includes my very first ever boyfriend from when I was 13. He found me on Facebook and sent me a message and wished me a happy birthday.

Here he is then:

And now:

It hearkened me back to my first date with him where we went to the theater to watch Goonies. We were sitting there and touching shoulders, which was so totally intimate! Then when the movie was over and we walked outside, I was so scared he might try to kiss me that I said "BYE!" super quick and ran off to the bus stop.

My beautiful friends Lynette and Vicky came by with their kids and stayed for a day of fun. They also cooked me lunch which was such a nice treat. I even got 36 spankings from Zachary plus a pinch to grow an inch :) I really love you guys. Thank you for making my birthday so special.

I got to spend time with my neighbors too who are such a huge part of my daily life. The support system we have here is amazing. We are all very connected each and every day. Since I truly believe in the "it takes a village" ideal, I feel so lucky to have you guys!

My Mum serenaded me with Happy Birthday and sent a very original gift of a hummingbird feeder and some shortbread (a favorite) with real flowers baked into it! I also received a Sephora gift card and a subscription to Domino from friends.

I am headed off to dinner at Pagliacci Pizza for dinner and then Coldstone for dessert with the family.

Thank you for a wonderful day :)



Happy Birthday to you! Glad I could be a part of your special day!



Glad you had a good birthday! I'm so happy we were able to spend part of it with you! And Dama took you to dinner!! (Did we guilt him into it?) :)


You have such great friends---and awesome neighbours!!thanks to all for helping Julie have a fun ---#^oooh--36th B-Day!!
Carey W now looks like Adam Sandler!??
What fun memories!!
Love, Mum oxoxox

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