Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picture and Ephemera Wall Hanging make a creative project for a loved one this holiday season! let me walk you through something way easy and cool. Let's call it a "Creative Jules Canvas" :)

Start out with a large canvas of your size choosing. The one pictured above is a 12x24", perfect for the space I was using it. I got this one on sale for $7. Paint the base canvas with your choice of acrylic paint. Mine only needed one coat, and it dried quickly! Love it when things are easy.

You will also need various more canvases of your choice. Mine range from 2"x2" to 5x5 inch.
These were about $2 each, again on sale.

I decided to do mine all in black and white so I printed up pics in b/w. It would be stunning in color too!

Print a few sizes, and even some in wallet sizes for those small canvases.

Next you will adhere those pictures on the canvases. Some I painted, some I left white. Some canvases have photos and some did not.

I wanted lots of dimension on my canvas so I stacked little ones onto corners of the bigger ones. I used Tombow adhesive, let it dry a bit before sticking it together and prop it up with another canvas while it dries. Hot glue gun would be great too!

You'll want to embellish or "cutify" it, as I like to say. I cut things out using my Cricut. Words, flowers, initials. I used glitter paper and cut out shapes. Your imagination is yours to explore!

Total time? About 2.5 hours.



Love this idea! Your crafts are always so gorgeous.


Hmmmmm, I really really like this. Don't see much time in my future to make one, but must put it on my to do list! Or maybe Craft Club?


That turned out great!! You always do such a wonderful job on your projects!

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