Thursday, April 29, 2010

Money Matters

It really does. I've never been one to care too much about money, material stuff is just not that important to me and doesn't impress me all that much. But ever since we have been working aggressively on finances, I have become well aware that money matters much more than I had hoped.

I am really happy with the work we have done and the fact that hubby and I have not killed each other in the process! Not even close. I am grateful that finances is one thing that we agree upon and as we all know, that's huge in the realm of marriage.

Yesterday I sent off what I feel is a gigantic cashiers check to purchase years of college for the kids. The bank teller told me "you are doing the right thing, Mom" as she saw the anxiety written on my face. I wish I had a video camera to document all of this and the long discussions with hubby, trusted friends that brought us to the decision of college funds.

We also worked on our 401k so monthly income is trimmed back . But there is a certain peace in knowing we will have that security later in life and that we are "doing it right".



We don't have the money to purchase our kids college years in one swoop, but this year we finally signed up for the GET program and will purchase at least 2 years of college that way over the years and add more points as we can. It's definitely a financial burden in some ways, but it does feel good to know that we are helping ourselves out in the future. Finances is something that Michael and I struggle with together as we both don't always agree on the best approach. I'm MUCH more frugal than he is and his spending habits bother me sometimes. We've been trying to get on the same page and it isn't easy for us. The bigger issue is that I want to be home for the kids as much as possible and Michael would like for me to start working again, even just part-time, but I'm not sure what I want to do or what kind of job I could do part-time that would still allow me to be home with the kids as much as possible.


Heidi, we didn't have the money to buy it all, especially with 2 kids, but we have a good start. It's hard to see that chunk fly out the window but I have to keep reminding myself that this is a gift to my children. Dama and I both came out of college debt free, him with a Masters. It's a gift I want to provide our kids too and that keeps me from the panic :)

Money is definitely one of those topics that can be divisive. I hope you can find that comfortable middle ground with Michael. I send positive vibes your way.

PS: GET is fantastic :)

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