Saturday, August 14, 2010

Howdy! and good feelings

It's me!

So, I am on the cusp of a day that I have both longed for but more recently dreaded in some ways. Come September, both kids will be in school all day. {insert fist pump}

I remember when I used to long for this day. When I could "scrap all day"! Now I know that won't be happening. More accurately, I will be at the school a lot, shuttling kids to activities, teaching swimming, maintaining the house and running of the family! It will be busy but will also be peppered with a lot more time for myself.

But recently, I have looked at the kids (especially Ellie) and felt kinda sad that they won't be around much. The thought of my little girl being gone all day makes me sad. I had last year to adjust with Lucas and thankfully he had a teacher that allowed me to drop in whenever to help out, read with the kids or just give my baby a kiss in the middle of the day. But Ellie was my sidekick last year in the afternoons. We had lots of peaceful and fun times together. It's going to feel a little empty.

It's bittersweet but I look at how far I have come with 2 kids who are so close in age. It's just a new stage for us. I have new responsibilities now. No longer do I have to deal with the "baby stuff" like diapers, fits, teaching to share. Now I will be educating, instilling values, and helping them reach their potential. I think after I adjust, this will be exactly what I want to do.



I know how you feel! I'm gonna miss my little guy being around. It's going to seem strange to drop them both off for a full day of school. Thankfully they will have good teachers that love and need help and I can visit the classroom.
And, maybe we'll have a little time to meet up now!!


You will be fine!! You will have lots to do, places to go, people to see,laundry to conquer!
The kids will always appreciate you volunteering at their school.

You will be fine too, Lynette!!


That makes me a bit teary. It is bitter sweet. If you get lonely I have a couple to loan out!!

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