Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I found out a few weeks ago that a friend from college is a Medium. That means she can communicate with people who have passed away and facilitate communication between the living and the dead.

I had a session with her today and I wanted to blog about it.

It was pretty awesome. I will talk about the most interesting parts because it was 90 mins long.

At the very beginning, my Dad came through first. Karen told me that he showed her a stuffed animal to identify himself. I have a stuffed animal he hand sewed on my nightstand. Then he showed a photo of me sitting on his lap. The only 2 things I have out in the open in my house are the stuffed animal and a photo of him on the fridge. So I pretty much take that as meaning it was him coming through.

Here are some of the notes that Karen sent me after the session:
He loves being in your kitchen for your kitchen is full of life, love and energy. He loves watching you make dinner, for he likes the energy in the room. He loves seeing you happy, which your family often is when they are in the kitchen. He says you are such a great cook!

When your eyes go toward the photo of you sitting on your dad's lap know that he is with you and thinking about you at that moment as well.

He is with you often and loves you!!!

He was talking about how he is sorry that he was not there to help raise you. He could have taught you more about men and help lead you in the right direction. He also said that he is happy with the man you married. He was not always happy with your other boy friends. He said that you picked a good guy. He was also saying that he would have had great "engineering" conversations with your husband. For fun he was laughing at how much your husband can eat. (Dama has an insane appetite)

He showed me how he was sad when he was saying his goodbyes. He knew he would not be there to raise you and see you grow up and that made him sad. He showed me that your mom and brother were holding hands and standing by his hospital bed and showed me that you were on the bed and he was petting your hair.

However, he was still able to watch you grow up while he was in heaven. He is happiest when you are happy. That is why he likes your kitchen.

Both my Grandpa's came through as did my Gran but they were all quiet. My Grandpa (who was a Dr) walked in and put a stethescope on my heart and said that I have a very strong head and a huge heart and all of my loved ones know that.



Awww, Jules... that brought tears to my eyes. Your dad should be very proud of you. You are a wonderful, loving person!


That is so cool, you know he is always watching over you.muffi

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