Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Project

This project turned out really well but was a royal PITA.

My brain does not like puzzles, putting things together, making pieces fit. Anyone who knows me knows I am not very precise with things and this one really tested me. I loved the concept and the finished product, but the process was really painful. I should not that the star is not flat, it is a dimensional barn star.

I had to actually make the pattern for the pieces, I wanted them all to be uniform and similar. It would have been a lot easier to cut each pictures to size in unique shapes and put them on the star but I wanted a pattern throughout, and each arm of the star to be the same. So I decided to torture myself and make a pattern and then try to fit my pictures onto each piece (I am getting the sense this is not making a whole lot of sense).

The pictures are printed in 8x10 size. You need a total of 10-13 and a mix of horizontal and vertical, but if you try this at home I recommend using mostly vertical ones. They just fit on the pieces better. Modge Podge to stick them down and to coat/seal on the top (I have not done that yet).

I have the pattern if anyone is crazy enough to do this at home and I will gladly give you the pattern. The end result is gorgeous and it was all worth it. It took me probably 5 hours total, and that does not include selecting photos. It will take you much less since you would have a pattern.

Thank goodness The Boss approved!



Can't wait to see it in real life!


It's gorgeous! Very ambitious today! I don't know if I'm brave enough to try it, I'm afraid I'd screw it up. But maybe if I had a pattern already done for me! :)


I would love to have this pattern! I found your site through Valerie at From the Trenches of Motherhood.

Your stars are outstanding. I hope everybody loved them.



If you are still willing to share, I would LOVE this pattern. I also found your blog from "Trenches of Motherhood." If you are willing, you can email the pattern to my email id as shown.

The Shultzs

If you are still willing to share, I would love this pattern! I love the way yours came out and Valerie at From the Trenches of Motherhood also came out neat.

Aimee "The Great"

I would love to have a copy of your pattern! It's so beautiful and <3 perfect for a gift for my husband on valentine's day (we only just got married a little over 2 months ago). Thank you so much.

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