Friday, July 4, 2008


This week was chock full of creating. I have some pictures to share of projects I have been working on:

I decided to make a smaller star to have at the craft fair as a sample. This will not be cheap but there may just be someone ready to order something like this and willing to buy it for the price it is really worth.

More dress forms in progress for my display table:

A sign with my business' name for the table (thanks Vic!):

And I made this cabinet for my scrapbooks using old fence wood. I will be painting it:



Very cool stuff! I may need to have a sneek peak of your stuff before the fair and get my order in. And you're welcome, I slaved hard on that one. :)


Oooh! Magnificent creations! Now wouldn't that star look good on one of my vacant walls???!!!!---(since I don't get a necklace!!!)
Love, Mum


Can't wait for the craft show! I hope everyone else things all the stuff is as cool as I think it is. :)

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