Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kid Stuff

The Fourth of July is always a nice holiday for us. We went to the Family Fourth down at Lake Union as we do every year. They have so many fun activities for kids. We made kites and flew them, it was perfect kite weather this year!

They had a juggling tent where they teach you how to juggle and do all sorts of fun things. Here is Lucas with a yo yo thingie of some sort :)

Ellie, the World Champion Sleeper, fell asleep on Daddy's shoulders. Incredible skill.

Ellie started ballet this week too. Only....we got there along with 6 other little girls wearing tutus and all dressed up only to find out that the entire session was canceled. Nobody called to let any of the parents know. This makes for 7 unhappy 4 year olds!

Lucas had his first t-ball game! He actually had an amazing hit!



Great Pics! Lucas has that swing down pat!---maybe the golf swing helped!!!Hope the Red Cardinals won the game!
Too bad about the ballet---Ellie looks pretty 'annoyed'!but---her dress is very cute!

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