Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Captures It

A little scenario that captures the spirit of my lovely neighborhood:

I am inside starting to put dinner on. Doorbell rings and someone walks right in so I know it is a neighbor or neighbor child.

Me: Hello?
Micah (age 30 with 3 kids): Hey, I need a favor.
Me: What's up.
Micah: Well, I am just starving. Tia is nursing the baby and I am starving. Can you make me something to eat?
Me: **blank stare**
Micah: Please?
Me: I suggest you go home and make something for yourself.
Micah: But Tia's nursing the baby so she can't.
Me: Are you SERIOUSLY asking me to make you some food?
Micah: Yes.
Me: How about a sandwich?
Micah: OK :)

I love it here. I really do!



First...I'm not sure who I should be more amazed at, Micah for asking or at you for feeding him.

Secondly...shouldn't Micah be at home helping out his wife by making dinner for his family?!?

Thirdly...yes, our neighborhood would never let anyone go with out and there is always someone to led a hand...but still!!! :)

Your Loving Neighbor,


OMG!! I have to agree with Jessica... I'm amazed that he asked and that you actually made him a sandwich!!


I think that boy needs to get his butt home and fix his beautiful wife dinner. If he doesn't know how to do that then I think Tia should send him back to his mother for further training!

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