Saturday, September 13, 2008

We love you, Grandpa!



Dear Lucas and Ellie, (and Julie)
What a wonderful tribute to your Grandpa. I know your Grandpa would have been the very best in the whole wide world---and he is for sure so proud of you both and of course your Mum.
Always remember that wherever you go in this world it is who is beside you that counts---I'm sure Grandpa is always very close beside all of us--especially today.
Always by your side---Love Grandma--aka Mum. oxoxoxo


What a great way to honor your Dad!


I have tears in my eyes right now! How very special! I may have to borrow that idea next year for my kids.

The Valentine's

How precious is that, what a wonderful way to honor your dad, like Vicky said. They make me cry, my heart is just so full for you.

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