Sunday, October 18, 2009


Feeling the need to document this so I don't forget when it happened :)

Ellie is on her own 2 wheels on her bike now! Off went the training wheels. At first she just used the neighbors driveway, but yesterday we went for a bike ride and she made it all the way around the block twice with a couple of pit stops.

Lucas is just over the moon for her and is ready to race! He was so encouraging and was riding right next to her saying "You're doing great!" and "keep it up!". I am so happy she has a big brother!

Seeing Daddy running next to her with Baxter, and Lucas riding along full of encouragement? It put tears in my eyes. These are the moments I love.



Well done! Elise!---now you will have to teach Grandma!!---and also well done! to Lucas for being the best big brother-cheer-leader ever!!

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