Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's so true. People told me this all the time and I found it hard to believe. But it is true!

"You will get busier when your kids start school".

This has really hit home this year for me. I always looked forward to the day they were both in school and I could live the life of luxury, eating bon bons and watching soaps. Ok, maybe not the soaps part but yes to the bon bons.

Today I e-mailed Elise's teacher about helping out in class. I have been helping in Lucas' class and signed up for some party coordinating for Ellie but she wants me in the classroom too. When I told the teacher when I was available, it was 90 mins on one day and 2 hours on another. That's all. That was all the free time I had! How the heck am I supposed to fit in bon bons?

Monday's: I am starting to teach swim lessons at the Y. I will be shadowing a trainer for a while and then deciding if it's for me, and the Y deciding if I am for them!

Tuesdays: Gym day....not negotiable

Wednesdays: volunteer at Lucas' class

Thursdays: open

Friday, El is off school.

I never thought being a SAHM would be so busy!



Lucky 'Y' Swim Kids!----they will have a fantastic teacher!--- and they might be future Olympians!!


But it is a good busy, right?! And it will be "easier" to find time to be in Ellie's classroom when she goes to school all day next year.


Absolutely Jess, I am loving the business. It's enjoyable for sure.


I'm right there with ya! But I do love helping in the classroom!

The Valentine's

AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!! It would be nice to stop time around us for a bit!!

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