Friday, May 14, 2010

Pop Arty

I think Ellie may have thought she was in heaven when I brought home a bucket of Pop Arty today.

I love it when I find something cool that the kids have never seen, even on commercials, and they get fixed on it. Pop Arty are beads that just pop together, so kids her age and even younger can make their own necklaces, rings, bracelets etc with ease. It comes with 500 beads as well as bracelet starters and ring starters. Only $15 at Target!

I am all about things that are fun, cute and keep the kids occupied. Oh....and the hug I got was well worth it too!

If you have any gifts to give for a girl coming up, consider this!


AllyOop Boutique

What a cute idea? I have never seen those before, but we have a birthday party coming up and that will be a perfect gift. Thanks for the idea!

husam antar

are you intrested in art

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