Thursday, January 27, 2011

Repurposed Old Chairs

This is a pretty easy project to do. I bought the bench but it was super cheap otherwise I would have made one.

It's basically 2 old chairs, tops taken off, placed side by side, and a wood top screwed in to the top of the chairs to create a bench. The lady that made this also had benches with 3 seats. Super cute!

I have painted this a couple of times, and today I painted it red for my entryway. It's Colonial Red matte spray paint. I also added on the barn stars to jazz it up a bit!




I bought 2 chairs at a thrift plan was to re-finish them as side chairs but i don't think they go well as side chairs anymore...this might be the perfect solution for me, thanks for sharing :)



This is great, I plan to do this with a couple of old country dining chairs I found by the dumpster. My decor would require them to either be mahogany or black but you've totally inspired me with the way you've turned them into cool looking furniture. Well done!

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