Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ellie is 7!

My baby girl is 7 today! I have spent a lot of time thinking of you today. We woke up early and opened presents. Daddy took the day off work. You got some drawing books and you got right to work making cute creations.

I am amazed every day at what you bring to my life. There is so much fun in our family because of you! Every day is like watching a show of fun, love and happiness.

I love so many things about you. The way you do your "noodle dance" when you want someone to make noodles for you. The way you wiggle one eyebrow up and down. The way you sneak into my bed and I wake up with you snuggled up close. The way you swim like a mermaid.

You are a unique girl! You are so individual and special. You make your own choices and follow your dreams and what your hearts wants. You love yourself!

I love going to the dog park with you and watching you love on the tiny dogs. I love playing Old Maid with you and I see my competitiveness in you! I love listening to you read, sounding out words so carefully. I love watching your little hands work on crafts that we create together. I love snuggling with you.

You are my dream come true. I remember the moment you were born and hearing "it's a girl" from Daddy. My heart flew! I never weren't just a girl. You were Ellie. You are MY girl. And I love you more than you'll ever know.

Mummy xoxo
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