Monday, April 18, 2011

Serious Stuff

Who ever thought baseball was serious stuff at age 8?

We are having so much fun with baseball. It's Lucas' first year playing. He did do t-ball about 3 years ago but it was just a summer program through the Y. But this year, we are in the big leagues! It has been a lot of fun watching him play and practice. The improvement has been terrific and he loves it all.The team is undefeated so far and won handily 9-2 last week. Could we go-all-the-way?? It's a pretty exciting thought.

The boys get out there on the field and stretch together counting "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8" out loud and in unison. They run to warm up together. They communicate on the field..."let's do this guys!", "be ready, 2 outs!!". Lucas is thriving on being a member of the team, just as he did with soccer. He is in his element.

The team has 3 very dedicated and focused coaches. I cannot say enough about them. So positive and encouraging and they really focus on the right skills and form. They put so much into the kids!

An exciting day came last week when Coach told him he was ready to pitch in a game. That? is big time. I loved seeing such a huge smile on his face.

Love this shot of Lucas at bat and Daddy as the umpire :)

Lucas also made it on the swim team and practices start soon. Can you tell I am proud??!

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