Thursday, September 29, 2011

Me Book

We had Curriculum Night at the school for Ellie ths week. I love seeing the little surprises they have prepared for us on their desks. Ellie's was a "Me Book" this year, with pages all about her. What better subject?

Her drawing is so cute and so detailed. In some pages, she added little touches like hot air balloons flying in the sky. I love looking at her sweet touches and beautiful drawings. Here are a couple of her pages:

You are right, Ellie. We love you so so so much! I love how we are all matching in purple and orange. Love the "diamonds" sparkling in the sky and around us.

Notice the feathers in her hair! And look below for the little birds she healed in her future as a vet :)

She definitely is creative and has attention to detail in her works of art!



This is the work of a little girl- genious with the biggest and most loving heart!! so adorable!

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