Monday, September 12, 2011

Skin Stuff

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a dermatologist for a precautionary full body check up and to address some issues I have been having. Upon inspection, the Dr decided I would need 2 spots on my body biopsied and some pre-cancerous sun damage removed. He was very optimistic about the issues and well convinced there was nothing to worry about. The biopsies were just precautionary.

So I had everything done today. And I am alive to tell about it! They did a punch biopsy on a spot on my left arm. That required freezing the area, and using a small cookie cutter type instrument to take out a portion of the spot. Then they put in 3 stitches. The second punch biopsy was done on my left leg and required 2 stitches.

Then, they used a freezing agent to freeze the pre-cancerous damage from around my lip line. I have to say, with the numbing of the biopsy areas, that was fine. But the freezing on my lips? That hurt like crazy. It felt like a very intense stinging, or like someone was poking many needles into my lips simultaneously. My eyes watered a lot.

I managed to get through it all without passing out :) Yay for me :) I will have the sutures out in 2 weeks. And now to wait for the results...

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