Thursday, November 17, 2011


I never liked hearing that word coming from someone's mouth. A few years ago, I vowed not to utter it to any friend as an explanation for why I couldn't come see them, call them, spend time. I have always felt that it's a big fat excuse :)

What I didn't realize was how busy I wasn't! I still really believe that you can make something a priority if it needs to be, regardless of how busy you are. But when the kids were younger, I was nowhere near as busy as I am now. People often told me that the older they get, the busier you get. I never really believed it. But it's true! I know some stay home moms who planned to go back to work after the kids went to school full time but it hasn't happened. They are too busy to go back to work :)

Recently, a friend who happens to be a neighbor said to me..."your car is never home during the days. What are you doing"? I thought it was kind of funny. After all, I am a stay at home mom!!

But that's really the last thing I do.

The good news is that weekends really feel like weekends now! It used to be that a weekend just blended in with the rest of the week. But now, it's different. It almost feels like MY day off too. Of course, with sports for 2 kids there are many crazy weekends. But that time to not have anything planned is golden.

These are not complaints. In fact, I love all the things I have going on. I love watching the kids play sports. Doing Social Services at the school has been inspiring. Working in the classroom is so much fun...getting to know all the kids. There are days I want to not have a thing on the calendar and the beauty is I can pick a day and protect it.

I still don't ever want to tell someone "I am too busy" but it's certainly getting a lot harder!



Love it!!--Like mother like daughter!!-Just take time for yourself!--You are the glue that holds the family and friends together. I am SO proud of you!


So true!!

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