Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ikea Love

We went to Ikea today to get some stuff to organize my scrap area. I got some neat little fixtures, a shelf and a few containers. One of them is big enough to house the 4527187 monthly kits I have and need to store and use. Bonanza!

I dropped the kids off at the Smaland, the kids play area. They give you a beeper to carry around if the kids need you. This was e's first time being left at something like this but she was so excited. So I shopped and shopped, then the buzzer went off. When I got there, E was all cuddled up with one of the ladies that work there. She was sad. The lady tole me that L was really good with her, trying to comfort her and convince her to stay longer. But E really wanted to go. At least I got all my stuff done by the time she had had enough!


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