Monday, August 27, 2007


We attended the 40th Birthday of a good friend yesterday. It was "adults only" so I went on a quest for a babysitter. Our friend's 11 year old son was then hired for his first babysitting job. We knew he was young but he is a great kid and the son of wonderful people.

We dropped Lucas off (Ellie was with Grandma), and off we went to the party. It was a surprised and she was indeed surprised! It was a wonderful night with friends.

As is usual at our parties, the women and the men separate and I sit with my girlfriends and talk. I love those girls. They are such good friends, the type you can just be yourself with and relax and have fun. The type that are more like family than friends.

When we left to pick up Lucas, our babysitter needed to be convinced to let me pay him. I finally got him to take it. Lucas had a fun time full of Star Wars, Transformers and Bionicle play. Dream come true!

We are off to Canada today for one last trip before the end of summer. Can you believe it is already here?


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