Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yummy Dinner

A big shout out to the seafood haters who read my blog! Hi V and L!

But dinner was so good the other night that I had to share:

It was "New England Seafood Bake" and it was so easy and so good.

You just put sliced red potatoes on the bottom of the foil, put the cod next, then the shrimp, corn on the side, top with sliced lemons.

Then you add a dollop of butter mixed with salt, pepper, chopped dill and chopped garlic, wrap in foil, put on the grill at medium for 14 mins.

I loved it and it was a hit at our house. Definitely adding this to the menu options.



Ok, if that "L" was me, I don't hate seafood, I just hate to cook it!! I would eat that meal if you would cook it for me! :)

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