Monday, August 27, 2007

Picture Smorgasbord

Here are a bunch of pictures for you! (if you want to see any of them bigger, click on the image for more detail)

I am caving and posting the mural for all to see. That is how nice I am. A few of my friends made it over but the rest are slackers. And I know there are some people who won't be able to come and see it.

The rest of the pictures are what I purchased with my birthday gift certificate to the country village. I love you guys for getting that for me. You rock. I spent about 90 mins in one store, surrounded by beautiful things, with a ton of money to spend. Bliss!

Have a wonderful week-before-school!



Thanks for posting it for those of us who are the slackers! But I was right in that it had white curves in the painting. I was wrong in that it didn't have red or black. I love it and will have to come up soon to see it.:)

T says that's a big corndog L is holding!


Julie, I love all the pictures you put on. Blake really liked the look of that corndog. You are so sweet to say those things about your friends. You know we feel the same way about you. Well at least I do.
Thank you so much for trusting Devyn to watch your son. I am honered that you let him. He is a good boy isn't he.
Have a fun and safe trip.

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