Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busy Week of Newness

It is back to school week and both kids are starting school. Lucas moved up a class in Aikido and Ellie also starts dance school tomorrow.

Tonight was Lucas' first class in his new Aikido class. The kids are all bigger and have higher belts than him but he did great. I also noticed that his teacher is a lot more strict with the higher class and she cracks the whip! Love it!

I made a banana cream pie with meringue on top and we are going to have a nice family dinner and talk about all the changes.

Every night at dinner, we have been doing "what was the best and worst part of the day?" and the kids share their thoughts.

Lucas usually says something like "The best part was spending time with you and the worst part was when you took my Transformer away". Ellie, who has not quite grasped the concept yet, says the same thing every night: "The best part was dancing class". Then I ask her the worst part and she says "Hmmmmm.....dancing class".


Nevermind that dance class hasn't even started yet.


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