Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am adding a contest to my blog today.

The prize is a lovely and cute assortment of scrapbooking embellishments. **Oooo! Aaaaahhh!**

And since some of you do not scrap, I will think of an alternative if a boring, non-scrapping person happens to win ;)

So here is the deal. In Lucas' backpack today, there was a story that was written and acted out by Lucas and 3 of his classmates. The first person to comment in the comments section of this entry as to which 2 lines were Lucas' contribution wins!

And now.....the story:

The Bats Run Away From Their Home Because There are Bugs in There.
by Lucas, Macy, Seth and Grace
September 07

The Bugs followed them

And they went far away.

They were surrounded by police officers because the police thought they destroyed the bugs.

And the bats runned away from their mom.

The bats got lost.

They couldn't find their way home.

They make new friends.

The kids finally find their way home.

The End.
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