Thursday, September 13, 2007

I love you, Dad

33 years ago today, my Dad passed away from cancer. He was 32 years old.

I wish he could be here, not only so I could know him but so my kids could too. Mum tells me all the time what a wonderful Grandfather he would be and I believe it. He was so smart, athletic, gentle and kind.

I try to keep his memory alive and we talk about Grandpa a lot, go to Grandpa's Park to visit when we are in Canada.

Even though I don't remember him, I feel like I know him. And I miss him very much.

I love you Dad!



You brought tears to my eyes.


Thank you for remembering and for this this tribute--you are your Dad's daughter for sure! He would be so proud.
Love. Mum


Hugz to you :*)



You brought me to tears! I'm so very sorry, but I'm so glad you are keeping his memory alive and sharing it with your kids. You are a wonderful person!


{Hugs to you}
Your dad would be proud of what a good person you are.

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