Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It has actually turned out to be a very busy week for me. I thought I would cruise through the 10 days that Dama is gone but it didn't quite work out that way.

Yesterday, I did my homework for my photography class. I went down to the river trail (I seem to spend a lot of time there these days!) and snapped all the photos I need to bring in Saturday. Lucas assisted me as my subject for the shutter speed assignment. I needed to shoot an object that is moving quickly with various shutter speeds. Who better to use than my whirlwinded, energetic, active boy?

I am also in the final prep stage for the run on Saturday. My nerves are definitely gearing up. I KNOW I will make the run, but the thought of it being a race and with all the extra people there is making me nervous. I am so glad that my wonderful friend will be there to keep my kids while I run and to provide me with encouragement as she has done for the weeks I have been running :)

On the creativity front, I am painting the spare room today, the mural I have planned will probably be done Thursday. I have all the materials and tools. I just have to get started.



Slow down Girlfriend so you have enough energy to run that race! You can paint the beautiful mural after hubby gets home. :)

Lots of luck on the race, we'll be cheering you on in spirit!




You are going to do great and kick some butt! Really, it's a good thing I'm not running now, because I might have had to trip you! :) Just kidding. Can't wait to cheer you on!

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