Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photo Class: Session2

After the run, I had session 2 of my photo class. It was a great class and I am definitely learning a lot. I am shooting everything in manual now!

We had to bring in photos this time and the instructor took a look at our work. Out of 59 photos that I brought, I had to select 6 to display. I didn't get to choose them, 2 other partners selected 4 and then I picked an extra 2.

Then the teacher looked at each student's photos and critiqued them in front of the whole class. This was a little nerve wracking! Here are the two of my photos that he said were not in need of any cropping, photoshopping or anything else:

This one he said needed a little photoshopping (which I am not going to get into because I like straight out of the camera shots). He said he would take out some of the dark strawberry seeds in the bottom left corner as they are a little distracting (you"ll need to click on the image to see it bigger to really notice them):

This shot he liked. But I need to work a bit on my focus and he said the entire donut would be better all in focus. You can see it is not entirely focused and I knew that would be an issue:



Great Pics! The 'foodie' ones are really good!
Running, jewellery,photograghy, indoor design and decorating,etc etc ---- Next project???
You talents unstoppabley awesome!!

Jessica Booth

Your are a tough photo class competitor. It makes me work harder though! I'd say you are one of the best in the class. I'm glad we were able to take it together.


Great shots! And what dark stawberry seed? I guess that's why he's teaching the class and I'm not. :)


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