Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Updating

I have been sick this week and it was really the worst possible timing for me. The weather has been gorgeous and I have been feeling crappy. My 11k run is this weekend and being sick really does not help one physically or mentally when facing such a long run! Not to mention that the husband is out of town this week. Thank goodness for my friends who have helped me with the kids when I have needed to run or needed a sanity break!

On the positive side, I have run through the cold and my training has been good this week. Instead of snakes on the trail, my last run brought out 3 rabbits and a baby raccoon.

I heard from Prisca (Priscal? Her name is spelled both ways depending on the letter I get) and her latest letter was so very sweet. She spoke of her friends Mary and Selima who she likes to play jump rope with and "pig in the middle". She told me she loves dolls but doesn't have a real doll, that she ties pieces of rags together to look like a doll. She thanked me again for choosing her and said "I feel like I have a mother in America. That is my joy".



So sorry you aren't feeling well, first hand I know it isn't fun!


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