Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine Wreath

I'm not sure if I am looking in the wrong places but the first year I decide to actually decorate for Valentine's Day, I can't find anything I like! So, I have been looking for ideas on things that are easy and cute to make. I love how this wreath turned out!

You need:
-about 1 1/2 yards of fabric
-glue (I used Tombow)
-styrofoam heart wreath

Start by cutting your fabric into squares of about 2x2 inches. Use pinking shears to avoid the fabric fraying.

Put the point of your pencil in the center of the square and wrap it up. Dip the tip into some glue:

Poke the tip of the pencil with the glued fabric into the foam heart:

Keep working your way around the heart, avoiding the back so it will lay flat on a surface.




Very cute. That will be your cover charge on Saturday.

Barbara Jean

cute cute cute!!!

thanks and blessings

barbara jean


Did you poke it in to the styrofoam, or just on top of it. Do the pinking shears make the edge jagged like that?? I'm assuming that is what pinking shears are?? Love it!! How many different fabrics did you use?


Pinking shears...yep, they are zig zaggy scissors :) You poke it INTO the foam and the glue just helps it stay there. I only used 2 types of fabric, the ones you see in the pictures.


Darling! Absolutely darling. I love the material you used. Thanks for linking up at I hope you come visit again.


Very cute!!


Darling!!! Such a simple idea with such a big impact! Looks great!


So very cute!


Do you know how many squares you used?


Do you know how many squares you used?


could u use the square punch from stampin up instead of cutting them all out?? and how many squares would u need for this project??

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