Wednesday, January 27, 2010

While You Were Out

I am gathering stuff to re-do Ellie's room in a "while you were out" style. I want to ambush her with a complete room re-decoration so I'm starting to design in my mind.

I picked a paint color today: Pixie Violet (see below):

I may go with the shade darker "pristine Petal" but that would be a big leap in the depth of the color.

I was inundated with samples of ghastly, obnoxious purples but this one stood out as "the one".

Will keep you updated on the process.



I read just this week in a magazine about paint colors. A designer tip was to always go the color below from the color you want on the paint card. They said the color always comes out brighter/darker after all of it is on the wall. Just thought since you said you like the Pristine Petal, going "down" to the Pixie Violet is just what the expert suggested. :)


That sounds like fun! Where and when is she "going out?"


Pixie Violet looks great---well! maybe I am biased since Violet was her Great-Grandma's name!!!
Whatever you choose will be utterly awesome!--you have the monster talent!!
I'll take Ellie here for 'while you were out'!!

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