Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Granola Child

Today, Lucas handed me a bright yellow pipe cleaner and asked me to make him a pendant.

Lucas: Mummy can you make me a pendant?
Me: Ok, what kind?
Lucas: Well, use this thing and I want that circle with sticks, you know?
Me: Hmmmm. Circle with sticks?
Lucas: Yeah. Look on your computer and look at the Mystery Machine from Scooby Do.
Me: ::perplexed look::

So I Google Image "Mystery Machine Scooby" and up come some pictures of it. He checks them out. Points to the flower emblem on the MM.

Lucas: I guess I made a mistake. I don't want a flower, I want that circle with sticks.
Me: ::thinking deeply:: Aha!

Google Image "Peace Symbol"

Lucas: YES!!!!!!

I proceeded to bend a pipe cleaner into a perfect peace symbol and strung it onto some dental floss. It gave me the chance to talk about Peace, what it means to me and what it means to the world. He asked me to tell him over and over as he held his new pendant in his little hands.

He is definitely my child.



Well! This boy needs to be in touch with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens!!!---and Matt on NBC News!!
He's a 'diamond in the rough'---polish him carefully!!!
What does Sister say???
Great job!
Love Grandma oxoox


Lynette - I think we need to do an intervention! :) Vicky


Hahahaha! Vicky...I can make a pendant for you too and we can have a little chat :)

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