Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Your Biggest Fan!

That is what Lucas said to a police officer yesterday:
The cop was there for us. Some lady turned left directly in front of us (less that 6 feet) and we had no choice but to T-Bone her. If you want a car that is safe and can withstand such an accident, get an Odyssey! The side of her car was a crumpled mess and we have a small scratch on our bumper.

When we pulled into the parking lot after the accident, I said to the lady "What were you thinking?" and she said "WHAT DO YOU MEAN!!!!???". That was where our conversation ended and I called the police.

Thankfully, a witness also followed us into the parking lot and gave me all of her information and the police arrived within 3 minutes. He questioned the witness first, then came to us to confirm, then went to talk with the lady who had called all of her friends to the scene for some reason. As it turns out, she had NO driver's license. Not that she wasn't carrying it, she doesn't have one. Never took the test, never has had a license to drive.

That resulted in a big fat $800.00 ticket for her, on top of a ticket for Failure to Yield because she was 100% at fault. The car belongs to her brother and it is insured so we are good.

We are all fine, the kids are fine and Lucas was treated to a tour of the police car, including the chance to read his name up on the computer screen in the car as the police showed him the report.



So glad you are all ok.
Lucas must have been thrilled and good for the Policeman to do some PR with a little boy!


Glad you're ok!!


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