Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We got a LOT of snow today and it seems like it may keep on coming.

At around 7 pm, we headed outside with Lucas to play in the snow. One by one, the neighbors came out and we had an absolute blast of a snowball fight. It has been a long time since I have laughed so hard!

Baxter came out too but was not too crazy about the cold. He is still so little and gets cold so easily. He is passed out on the hot carpet right now.

Now comes the aftermath. Icy roads, canceled school, husband home from work!


The Valentine's

I dido your last sentence!! HaHa!


I have a question---why am I knitting a warm and cosy scarf for my precious grand-daughter when she prefers to run around in the snow in only a short nightie in worse than frigid temperatures??!!
Great pics on Tia's blog and glad you all had fun!!

oh! dear! grandma again

Eureka!I just got the answer ---I ripped out the scarf and am turning it into a frosty bikini!


Love the frosty bikini idea!!

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