Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuna Detox

"Hi, my name is Ellie and I am a tuna addict".

That's what Ellie might say. Today she told me it was her favorite food in the whole world. Lucas picked nuts (??). I knew she would pick tuna.

I know you have to be careful how much tuna a child, or anyone for that matter, consumes. So, I decided to look up the guidelines. Ellie probably eats 2 cans a week on average. For her age and weight, it is recommended that she only eat half a can per week. Uh oh!

Of course, I decided to torture myself and look up Mercury Poisoning. That lead to pictures of "Minamata Disease" where thousands of people became disfigured and died from mercury in shellfish. I started picturing Ellie with a third arm and all sorts other stuff.

Have you ever done that? Looked up some benign symptom like a headache and all of a sudden you have a brain tumor? I need to step away from Google.

So now I guess we are on tuna detox. This will not be easy, my friends. This girl loves her tuna.



Good luck with that! Can you switch her to canned chicken or something? At least it still comes in a can. :)


Oh! dear!---I hope her uncle reads this---he's a 1-can-a-day guy!
A 'Tuna Day' once a month marked on a calender might be worth a try.
Guess Sushiland is now off the map!
Good luck.


Poor Ellie! First the hives from going out in the snow, now no tuna. :(
I agree with Jessica, canned chicken. Or how about organic tuna? If there is such a thing. :)

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