Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feelgood E-mails

I received some really nice feedback today about my pendants.

In one case, this gal ordered for Christmas, I mailed it out December 15 and it never arrived. Through some sleuthing, we realized her address was incorrect in Paypal. So it was her mistake. She e-mailed me and admitted the mistake and thanked me.

I knew it was not my fault but I also hated the fact that she paid for something and got nothing. So I e-mailed her and explained that I wanted to make her another one, on the house. I sent it last week.

She e-mailed me today and told me that not only did she get the new pendant but that the original one also showed up the day before. Over a month after it was mailed. It was somehow redirected to her correct address. Her communication:

I am paying you for the extra pendant. Truth is,
when I ordered
the necklace from you, if I
liked it I was going to order one for myself, but you
never know what things are going to look like in person
or around your neck. So I am more than thrilled!

Anyway, it is such a neat thing you do! I can't
remember if I've told you, but there is a store
locally that sends off to have these necklaces made,
and they charge $65! I have always wanted one, but
that is ridiculous. Not to shoot myself in the foot,
but you might think about charging more if you are
getting enough business. When I saw that they were
only $18 plus a few more dollars for shipping, I
thought you were being generous. That is just my 2

So wonderful to have such a unique piece of jewelry!

The other e-mail I received was, again, about the price. She explained that she had been saving for a similar necklace that was priced at over $100 when she stumbled upon my website. She ordered one from me instead and put the rest of what she had saved towards a charity close to her heart.

I am feeling pretty happy today And maybe I need to jack up my prices ;)



You should charge more! What you are making makes people's lives better. They can feel closer to their loved ones when they aren't around - like grandma's.


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