Friday, January 4, 2008

Organizing School/Artwork

I have finally found a good way to keep all of the kids' artwork and stuff they bring home from school nice and organized.

Here is my system:

Tools you need: box for dumping, 3 hole punch, big binders, page protectors

Smallish items go in protectors, or stuff I don't want to punch:

Stuff that is too big gets folded up to fit and then punched

Shows it unfolded:

Multiple small items can be lumped in one protector:

I just had to show what this says (yes, it is incorrect but they write exactly what the children say)

Big things get folded up again and then punched so that they can be unfolded without taking them out:

Shows the painting unfolded:

I know it seems like a lot of work but it really is not. To me, it is worth it to have everything in one place, organized and not all over the house begging to be thrown away. I also put in stuff they do at home as well. I don't keep everything by any stretch but I do keep MOST things.

I think it will be nice for the kids to see all the work they did when they get older and it will all be organized in a series of binders.



In all your spare time do you want ot organize all of mine? :)


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