Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making Altered Dress Forms

I did one dress form this week. What I did not mention is that, one of these days (ie: probably around May) I plan on having a Creative Jules open house at home and displaying all the different types of pendants for people to see up close and in person. I decided to alter these dress forms to display them. One day, if I ever decide to go big, I may use them to display pendants in a store or retail setting.

To alter a dress form, I started out with acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a non-stick craft mat. If you do not have one of these mats, GET ONE! Especially if you are doing a lot with paint, glue, ink etc.

Next, I painted 2 coats of paint to cover the entire dress form, including the stand:
Next you work on the embellishments. I cut 2.5 inch long strips of cardstock and patterned paper. Then, I took the end of a chopstick and rolled the bottom edge of each strip:

It looks like this:
Then, using a dry adhesive like Glue Dots, adhere the top of each curled strip in a line around the dress form:Then, you get to have fun with ribbon, rub-ons, crystals or whatever you can think of. In this case, since it is displaying a necklace, I kept the top very simple:Here it is showcasing a pendant:

1 down, 4 to go!



Too cute!! They do look better than the way I had suggested!



That looks so good. I would have never thought to "dress" it up like that. I guess that's why you're the Creative one!!


This is so cute i love it!!

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