Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Fun Week

I have had my college friend and Maid of Honor in town this week and we have had a great time. We have shopped (she is a VERY bad influence), gone sightseeing, spent a lot of time reminiscing about the "good old days" in college. Well, more like the days when we did really stupid stuff for kicks ;)

We were shopping yesterday at Alderwood. I wanted some new jeans and new shoes. I think I am fairly fashionable and up to date in what I wear. But Amber has a great fashion sense and always looks great. Well, I went to try on shoes and she refused to let me try on the ones I liked, calling them "clodhoppers" and "treehugger shoes". I needed her to steer me into 2008. She is one of those friends you can count on for an honest opinion! Apparently, she will fly back up here if I start wearing Birkenstocks.

I really wish she lived closer. We get along so well, just as well as we did in college. Our kids would love each other and I know we would appreciate being closer.

We have implemented a plan; that we talk every month around the first of the month. If I have not heard from her, or she has not heard from me, we pick up the phone as close to the first of the month and make sure we get all caught up. We have one of those friendships that time goes by but nothing changes, even if we have not talked recently. But we want to change that so we made this plan.

I am so glad she made the trip and I feel so happy that she came up here and spent every moment with me and the kids. When someone loves you so much to make such a trip, it feels wonderful.



I was wondering where you had disappeared to. :) I'm so glad you got to spend time with Amber and get caught up - what a special time!


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