Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrating Gold

GO CANADA! Finally a gold medal on home soil! A great reason to craft something, right? ;)

How cute is this? There's a cookie in there!

You will need:

  • Nice big cookies
  • aluminum foil
  • gold paper cut into squares and circles (to cover the back of cookie after wrapping)
  • scotch tape
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun

First, we helped the kids wrap up the cookies with foil. You can make this project even easier by buying gold foil or just making "silver" medals. I was just too cheap to pay the $9 for the gold foil :)

Next, place the cookie face down on a square cut from gold paper and gently wrap it up making sure to keep the edges nice and round. Don't worry about gaps in the paper as it will all be covered in the end.

Finally, we took the lengths of ribbon and hot glue gunned them onto the back, then cover the back with a gold circle to cover everything.

We had a little fanfare and "medal presentaion" and the kids loved them. This would be a great favor for parties too or sports events!

Inspired by Skiptomylou



The kids loved them!! Trevor was thinking of eating his, but changed his mind again and said maybe tomorrow! Thanks for a great day!


Thanks for helping!


You two and the kids are Gold Medal WINNERS in my books! Great idea and every Olympics from now on they will remember this special time!


I want to be your neighbor and do these fun things with you! :)


Heidi, the house behind us is for sale ;P I'd love some awesome neighbors in there!

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