Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Spirit!

We have been bitten by the Olympic bug!

Dama and I went to the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998 when we were engaged and had a wonderful time. Now it's in my hometown and we are heading up to watch some exciting curling action :)

We are making the most of this time before we go to get into the spirit and share the excitement with friends.
Of course, we get to annoy our American neighbors with loud displays of Canadian pride!

Had a lot of fun at the kids' school this week too when I went in to read to 3 classes about the Olympic mascots, what they are and how they were chosen. Brought all of my Canada stuff, the book about the mascots and the mascots themselves. Printed out some coloring pages for the kids too!

We've even been playing curling on the Wii in preparation! It's all about making the most of your experiences!

Stay tuned for an adorable Olympic project tomorrow.



Yay!!! Love it! And I need to print out some of the coloring pages for my kidlets as well. They've gotten into the spirit too, though in our case Alyssa likes to wave the German flag when the German's are competing! LOL

It's so funny to me how much of an alliance I feel with Canada because my mom immigrated to Canada in the 1950's as did my dad. My mom and grandparents lived in Vancouver until my mom got married, then my mom moved to Seattle with my dad (he was working at Boeing) and my grandparents stayed in Vancouver until they later moved to Mission, BC. I spent almost every other weekend with my grandparents and as I child thought of Canada as another state like Oregon, or Idaho! :) Imagine my surprise when we crossed the border of Washington into Oregon and there was no border crossing!!! I thought it was so anticlimactic. I always thought of myself as partially Canadian because we spent so much time in Canada, so I definitely have an affinity to that lovely country. :)


When are you guys going up? I was wondering if you were going to any of the events. I've been thinking of you and your Canadian pride this weekend. In a good way. :)


Well!! What can I say!!! This town/country is on FIRE!!!--Helicopters/fireworks/horns/cow bells/Oh! Canada!---mostly out of tune!!--flags/noise/people everywhere!!
Wow!! How about that Alex!!!--and Jenn! What a heap of courage!
Now I'm getting ready for CURLING!! Double Pleasure--maybe triple--Canada, Scotland/UK and Japan!!--Oh! my!--a cheering dilemma!!!
Love the Window!!!

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