Friday, February 19, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010: Part 1

We finally made it up to Canada after what seemed like such a long wait! The spirit had been building in our house so it was great to finally get here!

We arrived yesterday to a sea of Canadian flags all over the city. Homes have them in the windows. Cars are flying them. People are carrying them. It seems like everyone is truly in the spirit and loving being Canadian.

Today, we went into the heart of it all in downtown Vancouver. The bus driver let us on for free, I am sure he could see our excitement and the kids all decked out with their stuffed mascots and he let us walk right on. The generous spirit of Canada.

We got off at the main intersection downtown and spent the day exploring. They've done a phenomenal job of the downtown core, changing previously unused portions into magical streets full of Canadian spirit. Some of the more crowded and popular streets are off limits to cars so it is a sea of red, touring around. You can stop here and there to watch the live action on huge tv screens. Live! Imagine that. So you just don't miss anything at all.

Our usual hot dog vendors on the streets are slammed. 5 block waits to get a hot dog. But people wait. And they are happy.

Look above and you'll see people flying overhead on zip lines. This is a cool city!

We wandered into Robson Square and...look! It's Scott Hamilton! The rink down there has snowflake lights surrounded by people dressed in their Canadian best waiting to take to the ice.

The kids hopped on a medal podium, a snowboard, and stood next to a native art eagle. Lots of pictures to remember this special time. They will remember it!

Shopping on Robson. Tiny souvenir stores you have to navigate through. Aisles that normally accomodate 1 wide are bustling and everyone is waiting, saying "excuse me". People trading pins on the street corners, strangers smiling at the kids with all their mascots.

Popped into Roots, the mecca of Canadiana. Jam packed from wall to wall, merchandise everywhere but everyone with a smile. Registers open all over the store. No wait for a Canadian team hat!

Picked up our tickts for the event. We have them in our hot little hands. More days of fun to come!



Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience in your very own home town!


Sounds exciting! What a great experience for your family!

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