Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

My kids are in a phase where they say the cutest things and I keep meaning to write everything down before I forget. Let's start with my boy child.

Daddy: Lucas, can you run downstairs and see what Mummy is doing?
Lucas: She isn't MY wife, she is YOUR wife!

Then there is the love theme:

Lucas to me: Mummy, I love you so much that my head sometimes flies off and bursts into fireworks!

My heart is so happy and loves you so much that it wants to cry.

I know he is just trying so hard to put the emotion of love into words and I personally think he does a beautiful job of it!

We have been talking about the whole "your body=nobody touches" thing for quite some time. Well one day as he was getting dressed we had a conversation:

Lucas: Mum, this is my body and nobody can touch it but me.
Me: That's right!
Lucas: well, I guess it is kind of your body too because you made it.

Now, onto the girl child. Since her speaking is not quite as eloquent as Lucas' yet, the cute things she says are more like little quirky things.

The newest one is that she tags "get it?" on to random sentences like it's a joke and then she repeats the main theme of the sentence. It is quite hilarious!

Ellie: I wore my sandals today Daddy! Get it? SANDALS!"

Everything is "very so" in Ellie's world. She always says things like "That was very so fun!" or "This cookie is very so delicious!"

She likes to separate the family into teams and her funniest one is that Lucas and I are on the "white" team and she and Daddy are on the "brown" team. She is obviously doing this by skin color which leads to some pretty hilarious discussion that sounds so horribly racist that I have to cringe! The kids will battle back and forth about how white is better, and how brown people are smarter etc. I think it's time to switch the teams to red and blue or something.......

Ellie definitely loves being a girl. She is a girly girl of the highest order. I have tried to impress on Lucas that he is always to be especially good to girls because they are special. Ellie overhears me and loves to exploit this at every chance:

Mummy, you better be nice to me because girls are very so special!
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