Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Letter From Prisca

I received a letter from my sponsor child, Prisca, yesterday. She dictated a letter to an adult in her native language since she cannot write and then it was translated to English. It reads:

Dear Julie,

Prisca greets you and says "Shikamoo!" which is a greeting used by juniors to greet their seniors, and they answer "Marahaba!"

Prisca tells you: Thank you so much for choosing me to be your friend. I will be able to learn to read, have school costs and uniforms, get medical treatment and a lot of things which I could not get without you.

I am fine. I live with my aunt. My father died in November of 2007. My mother is sick so she has to stay away from me. My brother Christopher is 9 years old and I have a sister named Eliza who is 2 and Tansi is 1 1/2 years old. I am the second oldest.

I help my aunt in the evenings with chores. I also fetch water with a small container and buy things for our family at the local shop. I live in Myumba Ya Mungi at Chemchem street. It is very hot here!

I like to play cooking games with my friends. Last Saturday, I was able to go to the Compassion Center and we sang a song I really liked. It says "The grace has been revealed, as well as to the children". Do you know that song?

From your child,
Prisca (she wrote her own name)

There was also a drawing enclosed which had a caption in her native language which was not translated.
I feel pretty lucky today. Not just for what I have and where I live, but also because I get the chance to help such a special little girl.



That is just the coolest thing! How wonderful to be helping out another person so far away. What change you will make in her life!


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