Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The final photo class was on Saturday and it was definitely well worth it to take the class. I have improved and actually enjoy shooting in manual now! It forces you to be a lot more creative with your picture taking and challenges you to use your skill rather than just pointing and shooting.

There are still times when I use auto. For example, this shot:

One of things we learned as being the MOST important thing in photography is to get the shot. If it is a moment that you NEED to capture, put it on auto on shoot. Capturing the moment is a lot more important than how it looks. I didn't want to mess with settings while El was getting her ears pierced as I may have missed the moment.

My pictures for the last class were pretty good. I wasn't very confident going in but it turned out ok. We had to blow up 3 pictures to 8x10 size to display on the wall. A little mini exhibition. I chose these three:

He liked them all. He told me that the tart shot could be in Bon Appetit magazine :) And the one of little Shane (my friend Jessica's little boy) needs to go in my "portfolio". I better get on that!

Here's a couple of extra shots:

And one last one of Lucas' hip hop class:



Wow! They are all great!
Love the one with Lucas holding sister's hand at the ear-piercing!
--and Lucas at the Hip Hop!!
Yes! get your potfolio started!
Love, Mum

Jessica Booth

Ahh...my famous son. :)



Great picture of the bus. It looks like the hippy guy in Cars :).

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